Girls’ Day Out in Sparta

My daughter and I had a wonderful day out!  It was an event known as Girls’ Day Out in Sparta (our favourite little town!) and we went with my local women’s group.  For $30, we received so much and the profits went to help support the continued development of Sparta’s Community Centre.  Upon arrival, we were given coffee/tea and muffins.  We were also presented with a boxed picnic lunch to take with us so that it could be eaten anywhere along the route.  We were also given a goodie bag filled with an information packet of the places on our “tour”, a votive candle (Sparta is famous for their candle shop), and a lovely scarf/shawl.


Sparta Tearoom, pictured above

For some more information and pictures of Sparta check out this post from last summer

There was a map of locations – one set within the town of Sparta (in walking distance) and the rest out in the country surrounding the town that had to be driven to.  At each location, you could hand in a ticket from your goodie bag and you would receive some more swag.  Locations we visited include a Rhea farm, a lavender farm, a winery, the candle shop, the tearoom, a few artists’ studios, and more.  Gifts varied from bath salts to more candles to art prints to lavender honey to a fabulous corkscrew and more.  Our two favourite locations, as always, were the tearoom (they were holding an afternoon cream tea in honour of the royal wedding) and Lucy Ogletree’s Winter Wheat.


Winter Wheat is the name of Lucy’s (and her husband’s) property containing their home, Lucy’s art studio, Mike’s workshop, the store, and the enchanting grounds on which it all sits.


Wearing her scarf from the goodie bag!


Lucy’s husband makes some of these items while her work is more on the painting side of things.




The grounds contain several of these little buildings.  Each one is like an oasis.  There’s music playing, tea and cookies at the ready, a comfy place to sit, and beautiful folk art to take in as you sit and relax for a while.


Winter Wheat is whimsical and playful.  Around every corner, in every little nook there is something to make you smile.



There are sometimes spiritual themes to Lucy’s work and it suits the environment of Winter Wheat as it’s certainly a place where one feels connected to the beauty of nature and the spirits of the earth.




Lucy and Mike are very supportive of worthy charities and of local artisans and on this day, in one of the buildings on the grounds, there was a harpist playing.  The music added to the already serene mood.



Mike and Lucy’s Home





On the angel’s wings is written Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening by Robert Frost

sparta23 sparta24


sparta25 sparta27


Music seems to be a common thread through a lot of their work as well.


I love the way they recycle and reuse items in such imaginative ways – can you tell what the hat on the dude in the centre is made of?



a Canada goose!

ps – our very own Queen Bee has a small piece of Lucy’s art!

Check out the Winter Wheat website!

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